The 5 Best Web Browsers of 2018 | Fast & Secure

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The Internet is a remarkable invention of this modern world as it helps the human being in every walk of life. So to search anything on it, one needs to have the best web browser installed on the computer. There are thousands of web browsers available on the market and today we will discuss some of the best web browsers of 2018.

1. Google Chrome:

Chrome is one of the best web browsers available in the market. It's developed by Google, the leading Internet firm in the world. The Google Chrome is ultra fast, secure & reliable to use. It has millions of apps in the extension store that can be installed with it. Additionally, Chrome is the most downloaded web browsers in the world.

Pros: Lightening speed, secure, free, tons of features etc.
Cons: Takes a ton of memory, sends data to Google anonymously.

2. Mozilla:

Mozilla Firefox is the second most popular web browser after chrome. It has tons of built-in features including Google/Yahoo/Bing search, popups blocking, multi-tabs, anti-tracking, privacy controls and much more. Mozilla Firefox is easy to use, full featured and has simplified interface.

Pros: Free, fast browsing, secure, easy to use.
Cons: Slower while using multi-tabs etc.

3. Opera:

Opera is an underrated but a lightning fast, efficient and secure web browser. It's has got quite similar features as of its rivals. The best thing about Opera browser is that it has a built-in VPN and an Ad-blocker extension that gives it an edge over others. It comes with a sleek design, easy to use interface, and has a unique feature 'Opera Turbo' that automatically compresses your web traffic to reduce data usage whenever you are running low on Internet data package.

Pros: Ultra fast, reliable, secure, Integrated VPN & Ad-blocker etc.
Cons: Lack of extensions on its Store.

4. Microsoft Edge:

Developed by Microsoft, Edge is a lightweight, fast and secure web browser that comes with Microsoft Windows 10 as well as one can download it from official site. It's a modern, handy, easy to use web browser. One the best feature is that it consumes a lot less memory than any web browser in the market right now. It lacks backward capability meaning that it cannot be installed on older operating systems.

Pros: Lightweight, fast, reliable, Built-in reading mode.
Cons: Lacks backward capability, Integrated with Windows 10, lacks of extensions.

5. Vivaldi:

Vivaldi browser is a lightweight and rich in features/functionality. It allows you to have your own browser build with unique docking and tab-stacking and thus it's a highly customizable and has a sleek design. As the Vivaldi browser is built on Chromium, so we can also install extensions/Apps from Google store.

Pros: Tons of features, customizable, secure etc.