Amazon Scout: Amazon's new six-wheel delivery robot

Unlink any other field, the scope of Information Technology is increasingly high. Today, People are more dependent upon technological gadgets than human same like the big tech companies are hugely investing in it. The main gadget of present and future would be definitely going to all around robotics.
Amazon Scout: Amazon's new six-wheel delivery robot
Robotics are machines having complex thinking and working than any ordinary computer. These are being used in both scientific and experimental purposes. Recently a large e-Commerce Amazon has introduced its own robot that will be used for delivery of products. The use of robotics in these fields is not very common also companies like Dominico's Pizza and Pepsico have also been experimenting on such kind of stuff.

The robot made by Amazon is called as 'Amazon Scout'. Its powered by an electric battery and having a six-wheeler design. The design of Amazon Scout looks more like the devices of Starship Technologies, an Estonian startup that just recently started working in this field.

The scout has six wheels and it moves at a walking pace. Only six of the scouts are in the trialed phase. The Amazon Scout is being trailed in neighbors of Snohomish County, Washinton. Amazon has said that the Scout will be used for package delivery in the daylight hours between Monday and Friday. According to Amazon, the Scout will be accompanied by an overseer to maintain safe delivery and also to ensure efficient navigation around pets, pedestrians or anything else that can come in its path.

The way, robots are involved in a useful aspect of society is interesting. And these are fully functional and based on Machine Learning that minimizes any error mistakes. Its design is mostly related to self-driving cars which pose a very low risk of making mistake. Similar trials are being conducted in various cities of the world and it looks like a time is coming when robots like Amazon Scout will become so common for product delivery.