Three Variants of Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup leaked Images

A leaked Image of Samsung Galaxy S10 was shared by Evan Blass in which it can be seen the upcoming variants of Galaxy S10 lineup.
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Samsung is going to hold an event probably on next month in which it is expected to see these smartphones along with foldable curved display phones. The Galaxy S10 series are consisting of three models named as Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and last but not the least is S10E. The leaked image shows that both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ will be having three cameras in the back while the Galaxy S10E will have dual rear cameras. It can also be seen as the only Galaxy S10 Plus variant will have dual front-facing cameras. The smartphones in the leaked Images are in transparent cases.

It looks like Samsung is trying to recapture the maximum shares of Smartphone market as it's losses due to previous Galaxy S9 lineup was very high. The predecessor Galaxy S9 was having a lot of issues related to Battery and its Performance thus resulted in a Sharp drop in Profits in the final quarter of 2018.

Samsung is also facing major tech rivals including Apple and mostly Chinese tech makers. As the Chinese smartphones are a lot cheaper and perform really well, so it is also affecting the share market of Samsung. In this regard, Samsung is introducing its Galaxy-E variants that will be having higher specifications but will be available at much cheaper rates than its other high-end smartphones.