Google Employees alliance against their bosses

Employees of Google to protest against arbitration at the workspace.
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Recently, theverge wrote an article about a pair of new lawsuits against Google's parent company, Alphabet. They claimed that the board acted improperly meanwhile it agreed to pay out tens of millions of dollars to those executives who have been allegedly involved in committing sexual misconduct at the workspace. Thus, the plaintiffs are demanding immediate internal reforms at Google, starting with an end to the forced arbitration that limits employees legal Rights when they face discrimination at their workspace.

The plaintiffs who represent a major community of shareholders inside Google have found a close ally in Alphabet employees. And those employees will take the first step in this regard by the use of social media and public awareness campaigns along with a daylong protest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Nitasha Tiku, A senior editor of Wired concluded:
Google Employees alliance against their bosses
Tiku says the anti-arbitration campaign is not limited for the employees of Google only, but it represents a watershed moment for all the tech budding labor, as it involves multiple of companies.

So, It's very astonishing that the employees of the biggest tech platforms are standing up for the right cause as it has been considered as reckoning with the power of tech platforms over their users. This reminds us of the power of Google Employees by virtue as of their high demands for their skills in the tech market. It is being considered as if this campaign goes all successful, this might ripple across the other giant platforms.