Another Phone coming after Nokia 3310 & Nokia 8110?

The company holding the Nokia's Sales license HMD Global, reintroduced Nokia 3310 in 2017 while re-rendered the old Nokia 8110 with a new design and look. So is this company again going to introduce another old phone?

Its answer is Yes! And the Phone is Nokia N9.

Nokia, smartphones, nokia n9, nokia's n9, phone, mobile
Image Credits: NOKIA
If you do not remember, the Nokia N9 came into the market back in 2011 and it was considered one of the best smartphones of Nokia at that time and now it's coming again. 

In 2011, Nokia N9 was equipped with a screen of just like a smartphone, later the Nokia Lumia Window Phone based on the same touchscreen.

This smartphone was provided with MeGo Operating system whereas it contains Jester Navigation interface and several other features which are common in most of the android phones nowadays.

Nokia, smartphones, nokia n9, nokia's n9, phone, mobile
Image Credits: Wikimedia
But Nokia didn't opt for MeGo operating system for its future smartphones, in fact, the redesigned Nokia N9 will probably have the KaiOS which was introduced recently in Consumer Electronics Show.

KaiOS basically used to provide the facility to use smartphone-like apps in featured phones which includes the most popular apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Maps, Assistant and many more.

If the Nokia's N9 will be reintroduced to market, its design would not be very much different but it is most likely to have a better processor, storage capacity and camera.

It is also expected that Nokia N9 will also have 4G LTE support.